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Raumfeld is adding Google Cast and SoundCloud support to its wireless speakers

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Raumfeld is making its wireless speaker system a bit more attractive today: the company has announced that later this year, its system will support Google Cast and SoundCloud. These new services will join Tidal, TuneIn,, and Spotify (via Spotify Connect). The new services will make Raumfeld's speakers more competitive with the likes of Sonos, which offers support for many more streaming services.

Google Cast support opens up Raumfeld's speaker system to wide range of apps and services, including Pandora, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio. It also allows owners of the system to stream music from their desktop computers; prior to this, Raumfeld's speakers could only be used with a smartphone or tablet.

Raumfeld Google Cast support

Raumfeld says that SoundCloud integration will be available in its iOS and Android apps in time for the system's February 1st US availability, while Google Cast support will come later this spring.

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