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Whirlpool's new smart appliances have Amazon Dash built in

Whirlpool's new smart appliances have Amazon Dash built in


Washer and dryer will tell you to buy more detergent

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Last October, Amazon partnered with a host of companies to incorporate its Dash order functionality directly into some of their products. Where previously you could only make Dash orders via dedicated Wi-Fi-enabled buttons, the integration with Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service meant you were able to buy printer ink, pet food, and detergent right from your appliances. Now Whirlpool — one of the first companies to commit to the service — has explained how its new connected appliances will work with Amazon's, integrating its Dash Replenishment Service directly into its mobile Smart Kitchen Suite app.

More items can be ordered using the Smart Kitchen Suite app

The app, which runs on iOS and Android, will let you buy regularly used items with one click directly from your mobile device. It'll also connect directly with a host of Whirlpool Smart appliances to be shown off at CES this week, including a new top-loading washer and dryer, and a new connected dishwasher. Both devices are capable of working out how many wash cycles you've done since your last order of detergent, and will prompt you via the app to buy more when you might be running low. Smart Kitchen Suite can also tell Whirlpool's smart washer and dryer to activate various modes, including quiet mode for those late night wash sessions, and "wrinkle shield" for when you're away from home but don't want your clothes crumpling in the dryer.

That setting can be activated manually, or automatically, through the Smart Kitchen Suite's new Nest integration. Whirlpool added Nest integration to its older washers and dryers last year, but its new appliances will use Nest's "away" signal to set energy-saving and anti-wrinkle settings, among others. Whirlpool's new washer and dryer are both set to go on sale for $1,399 each later this year, and both will be on the CES show floor, along with Whirlpool's other smart offerings for the year ahead.

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