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The company behind RocketSkates now makes an electric skateboard

The company behind RocketSkates now makes an electric skateboard


Another day, another electric rideable

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At last year's CES, a company called Acton showed us RocketSkates — electric, two-wheeled roller skates that were hard but fun to ride. But this year Acton has something completely new at CES: a small electric skateboard called the Blink-Board.

The Blink-Board is somewhat unique in that — unlike the Boosted board or the ZBoard 2 — it's relatively small, somewhere between the size of a normal skateboard and a penny board. That size means the Blink-Board should be more maneuverable than its larger competitors, likely at the cost of stability. (With a top speed of just 12 miles per hour, though, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.)

The big advantage of the Blink-Board's size is that it keeps the weight down: the board weighs just 10 pounds. Basically every company making an electric rideable right now is dealing with this problem, especially because the batteries that are capable of providing decent range and speed are unavoidably big and heavy. Ditching the longboard style for something much smaller makes the Blink-Board much more manageable than the 16-pound ZBoard 2 or even the 13.5- to 15-pound weight of the Boosted Boards. But even with the smaller size, the board's battery still only manages a short range of about six miles.

Short range, but it's light

Like most other electric skateboards on the market, the Blink-Board's acceleration and braking is controlled with a Bluetooth remote. You can also apparently use an iPhone app to control it as well, a functionality that some companies (like Yuneec) started building into their electric skateboards as far back as 2014. (Considering the inseparable relationship between skateboarding and wipeouts, maybe using your phone to control one is less of a feature and more of a last resort.)

Acton will start selling the Blink-Board at the end of January for about $500, and we'll try to hitch a ride on one at CES this week.

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