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If these Gilmore Girls reboot set photos are real, abandon all hope

If these Gilmore Girls reboot set photos are real, abandon all hope


RIP my happiness

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Every fandom has one huge, hotly debated question at its core. "Who are Jon Snow's parents?" "Where did Rey come from?" "Is Snape evil?" "Is Samwise Gamgee the real hero?"

"Who do the Gilmore girls end up with?"

If you belong to the Gilmore Girls hive, you have a stance, and you have your reasons. Rory ends up with Dean, because he's her first love, or whatever. Or Rory ends up with Logan, because... he's blonde and rich? Or Rory ends up with Jess (duh), because he respects her brain and got rid of the leather jacket eventually. Or Rory ends up with Paris, because they are intellectual soulmates and they did kiss that one time. Or Rory doesn't get around to ending up with anyone until she's finished a decade or so of racking up progressively impressive journalistic accomplishments.

Seriously, fuck Marty

(I will not entertain theories that Rory ends up with Marty. He's a whiny, lying, "why don't nice guys ever win," slut-shaming jerk who cried "friend zone" and thereby banished himself from any reasonable person's affections. It is 2016, people.)

Lorelai ends up with Luke. That's canon, unless you're deranged.

The story of Luke and Lorelai was your pretty standard "will they or won't they?" and then your even more standard "will life please stop throwing hurdles up for these two people, just let them love so I can sleep at night!!" After seven years of endless discussion, ample fan fiction, and the obvious proliferation of eager YouTube montages, there was a classically thrilling rain smooch to seal the deal and give us all a near-decade of peace.



But what if that blissful era is coming to a close? Some photos from the set of Netflix's Gilmore Girls reboot seem to have surfaced on a Facebook fan page that claims Warner Bros. as the source. If they're real, they come with good news and bad news. The good news: Ms. Patty's dance studio got a fresh coat of paint! The bad news: Luke has a new house and he shares it with someone who isn't Lorelai.

In one photo, a production note on the back of an interior set says "Lizzy's and Luke's house." This could mean that Luke is sharing digs with his sister Liz, or that (God forbid) there is a new lady in his life. Or that someone is playing with Photoshop at the expense of my emotions.

The world of Gilmore Girls (which is also, technically, the world of Pretty Little Liars) is arguably as well-loved and as lived-in as Westeros, Middle-earth, the Wizarding World, or any other fictional home away from home. Watching it come to life again is a deep belly thrill, and the closest I've come to understanding my coworkers' The Force Awakens opening crawl feeling. It is possible, though challenging, to enjoy a photo of plastic Dragonfly Inn pastries even whilst fretting over #Loreluke (let's get that trending).

I will pray every night that this photo is super fake. From those with a boundless capacity for hope, I am requesting some plausible theories as to how everything might turn out alright even if it isn't. It is CES week — I need to sleep easy.