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These ugly wireless earbuds tell you where you lost them

These ugly wireless earbuds tell you where you lost them


Altec Lansing's new Bluetooth earbuds will cost $149

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One of the most visceral fears about truly wireless earbuds is how easy it would be to lose them. Altec Lansing thinks it can calm those nerves with the Freedom earbuds — wireless earbuds that use a companion app and a "Bluetooth-based GPS" system to keep track of their location.

The Freedom earbuds might not be as ambitious as something like Bragi's (unreleased) Dash earbuds, which offer activity tracking and a personal assistant. But they seem to be more feature-rich than the Earin earbuds I reviewed a few months ago.

Decent features, but at the cost of design

In addition to the location feature, the Freedom buds are water resistant, have a greater (100-foot) Bluetooth signal range, a wind-cancelling microphone for phone calls, buttons, and have a six-hour battery life. (A carrying case will give them a three-hour secondary charge.) All of that comes at the cost of bigger, bulkier, and frankly uglier design. They look a bit like tiny Bluetooth earpieces — but for both ears. (You can get them in nine different colors, though, so that's something!)

Wireless earbuds had a decent showing at last year's CES, but most of those companies spent the rest of 2015 tweaking and delaying their products. Altec Lansing is one of the few companies showing them off at this year's show, and the company is promising to release them later this year (Q2, but no more specifics than that). The Freedom earbuds will cost $149.99.

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