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Here's the MagSafe connector your new MacBook is missing

Here's the MagSafe connector your new MacBook is missing


And a battery pack for your Apple Watch

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The new MacBook is finally seeing more adapters and peripherals to make use of its versatile USB port, but longtime Mac notebook users will still feel like something's missing: MagSafe. Apple's magnetic charging connector has been a useful staple of the MacBook line for many years, saving your laptop from crashing to the floor when your cat runs into your cord. But Griffin has a solution: the accessory maker's BreakSafe USB-C cable restores magnetic charging to the MacBook.

The cable works as promised, plugging in firmly to the MacBook's USB-C port and detaching easily under pressure. You could definitely leave the adapter in your laptop most of the time, though of course you then wouldn't be able to plug anything else in. Unless you plugged the adapter into an adapter, of course. One other quirk of the BreakSafe connector is that, unlike regular USB-C, it's not actually reversible — you can blame magnets and polarity for that one. The BreakSafe cable will be out in April for $39.99.

griffin breaksafe usb-c cable

Griffin is also showing off its Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch, a little portable battery with a similar magnetic inductive charger to Apple's own solution. Simply pop your watch on, flick the power button, and watch your watch battery's electrons get excited. Griffin says the power bank will be able to fill your Apple Watch up four times on a single charge, and it'll be on sale in the second quarter of the year for $69.99.

griffin apple watch power bank

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