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Immersit's 4D motion device makes couch surfing a physical experience

Immersit's 4D motion device makes couch surfing a physical experience


Turn your favorite chair into one of those rumbling movie seats

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French start-up Immersit wants to give your home movie viewings and gaming sessions the same physical intensity that's typically reserved for pricey theater seats and amusement parks. The company's Immersit furniture add-on is designed to work with any standard couch or chair, and it vibrates and moves depending on the on-screen action. If you're watching a scene that features daring space combat or a medieval battle, the Immersit will shake and shift with every barrel roll or sword blow; if you're playing a racing video game, you'll feel the car's brakes and wheels on the ground with every change in speed and turn.

I tried out the Immersit this afternoon at CES Unveiled alongside a racing game VR demo, and it gave a rather pedestrian run on the track a new physicality and energy. My car took hard turns and hurtled up and down ramps, and the Immersit-equipped chair shuddered appropriately; by the time I hopped out of the VR set, my palms were surprisingly sweaty. According to the company, the add-on performs just as well with popular gaming consoles and movies; VR's extra bit of immersion helps anchor the experience, but it's not a necessity. Immersit isn't ready to specify a price point for its product yet, but it's aiming for availability by the end of 2016.

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