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This pot won't let you kill your houseplants

This pot won't let you kill your houseplants

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Parrot's flashiest announcement of CES is without question its new drone, but it's shown up with one other neat — but much tamer — product, too: a self-watering pot for houseplants. The pot holds 2.2 liters of water and will automatically water your plant when it detects that the soil is too dry. It doesn't just guess at what your plant needs, either. There's a connected app that lets you choose between around 8,000 plants, letting the pot know exactly what it needs.

Pot tests fertilizer, temperature, sunlight, and moisture

On top of watering your plant, the pot does its best to make sure that you don't kill your plant through other means. It also includes an acidity sensor, a temperature sensor, and a light sensor, and it'll use those three to tell you whether you need to give the plant different fertilizer, more or less sunlight, or a warmer or cooler environment. Obviously, you'll have to fix those issues on your own, but the app should make it much easier to keep your houseplants alive.

Parrot is just calling this device the Pot. While it was here at CES with a prototype of the Pot last year, Parrot's Pot is now ready to ship. It'll be available for $100 with shipments starting in April.

Video by Miriam Nielsen.

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