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The Withings Go is a low-cost fitness tracker with high-end design

The Withings Go is a low-cost fitness tracker with high-end design


A snazzy-looking wearable for $69

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Withings is known for making pretty — but pricey — wearables and home appliances. Now the French consumer tech company is shedding more of its reputation for making only high-end gadgets with a low-cost activity tracker called the Go. At $69, the clip-on Go is a direct competitor to Fitbit's well-established $60 One, and has a similar form factor to Jawbone’s $50 Up Move. What sets the Go apart is Withings' signature sleek design and eye-popping color choices.

The Go, like Withings $100 Pulse O2 tracker, has all the standard bases covered. It tracks how far you walk, lets you log the duration and distance of a run, and monitors your sleep patterns. It's water resistant up to five atmospheres, so you can take the Go swimming and Withings says it should recognize the activity automatically.

The Go syncs up with the Withings Health Mate app, which integrates with scores of other services for third-party features like food logging. It also has an e-ink display for giving you a no-frills report on how close you are to completing a daily step goal and telling the time. The Go uses a button cell battery like you'd find in a watch, so it doesn't need recharging and lasts up to eight months, Withings says.

It's not a surprising move from Withings. Last year the company reduced its stunning $450 Activité fitness-tracking watch to a $150 product called the Activité Pop. The idea is that consumers who love the look of Withings' expensive items could settle for a lookalike made with cheaper materials. The Go follows the similar philosophy, offering you the essentials of a low-cost activity tracker, but dressed up in a design evoking a pricier product.

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