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Voice control your Volvo from your Microsoft Band 2

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The Volvo XC90 is perhaps the best SUV on the market today. The Microsoft Band 2 is a capable but somewhat niche smartband. Combine them and you can use voice control your Volvo from your wrist. Yes, it's not unlike Knight Rider.

The Microsoft Band app hooks into Volvo's On Call mobile app to remotely control the locks, start the car, activate the heater, or set the navigation. It isn't the first time Volvo has embraced the wrist — earlier this year, Volvo released Apple Watch and Android Wear apps that perform similar functions, albeit without the voice control abilities.

This isn't the first time Volvo and Microsoft have collaborated. Last year, the two companies partnered on a virtual showroom using the HoloLens augmented reality headset that creates a novel replacement for the traditional car shopping experience. But, unlike the HoloLens concept, this is something that consumers will actually be able to use in a few months. The Band 2 Volvo app will be out this spring.

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