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This Apple Watch charging dock is very cute

This Apple Watch charging dock is very cute

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The Bozon Apple Watch charging dock is not complicated. It's a hollow piece of extruded silicone designed to hold your actual Apple Watch charger. You loop up the extra cable inside it, seat the inductive piece on the front, seal up the foot where the USB cable snakes out, and you're done. It's $39.99 and sold by the same company that makes this slightly-hilarious bumper case for the Apple Watch. It holds your watch horizontally, so that it will kick into the mode that shows you the time when it's sitting on the nightstand.

But it's also really cute. I can't stop looking at the little guy just squatting there on the table. I'm not saying that it's brimming with personality — it's not a Minion or anything — but those little rounded feet and its spherical body have a vibe I like. It's not pretentious at all, so maybe if you sprung for one of those $10k Edition watches you'll want to look elsewhere (It's also not compatible with the link bracelet watch band). Is it called the "Bozon' because it's supposed to evoke the Higgs Boson and therefore make you think it's some kind of representation of an elementary particle that serves as a foundation for quantum physics? Would that mess with the Apple Watch's vaunted accuracy?


The co-founder of the company that makes it says that he's "confident the BOZON has solved the many issues of the other Apple Watch charging docks currently on the market." I suppose he might be right, but that all-caps branding really takes away from the cuteness of this dock. What if we just called it bozon, or boz for short? "Hey boz, what's up?" you might say. And this cute little dock wouldn't reply, because it's a hunk of hollowed-out silicone, and hollowed-out silicone can't talk.


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