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Garmin's Varia Vision is like Google Glass for cyclists

Garmin's Varia Vision is like Google Glass for cyclists

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Heads-up displays may not be ready for general, everyday use — see the first iteration of Google Glass for proof of that — but that doesn't mean they don't work well in specialty applications. Google itself is working on a new generation of Glass for enterprise use, for instance, and then there's this from Garmin: the Varia Vision, a $399.99 unit designed for bicyclists.

garmin varia vision

The Varia Vision unit integrates with a few other Garmin products, like the Edge line for performance monitoring. It also works with Varia Review Radar, which gives you an indication in the display when there are cars behind you. And the whole thing can be set to vibrate when certain notifications come in — like if you get a text message, for instance. It might feel a little strange to have your eyewear vibrate, but then again, it's probably better than taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the handlebar.

Varia Vision isn't unique — Recon Instruments makes the Jet, which is very similar in concept. The Garmin promises twice the battery life, however (8 hours versus the Jet's 4) and costs $100 less — and for bikers who've already bought into any of Garmin's other biking products, it might be an easy decision.

Look for it to ship by the end of March.

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