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LG's new OLED 4K TV with HDR could be the one to beat at CES 2016

LG's new OLED 4K TV with HDR could be the one to beat at CES 2016

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You're going to see what feels like an endless stream of new TVs this week. Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and a bunch of lesser-known brands are all here to show off their latest living room screens. (I'm not mentioning Vizio only because they're skipping the show this year — again.) But even without having seen it up close yet, the one I'm probably most excited about is LG's new OLED 4K TV. Last year, LG's OLED 4K was the best TV you could buy (short of spending an ungodly sum on Vizio's Reference Series). The color vibrancy and deep blacks of OLED truly make 4K shine, and now with the addition of HDR Pro, LG has vowed that the picture will be brighter, bolder, and more immersive than ever before. The G6 and E6 series measure just 2.57 millimeters in depth, and LG calls the resulting appearance "Picture-On-Glass." LG is also happy to point out the barely-there bezels and transparent glass backs on those models.

In regards to HDR, LG has made an important pledge to support all major formats, including Dolby Vision, which other TV manufacturers have shied away from backing. LG is also talking up the fact that its new OLED line has been certified "Ultra HD Premium" by the UHD Alliance, a designation that "applies only to products that meet the most demanding performance standards for resolution, peak luminance, black levels, wide color gamut and audio quality." For any other company, that might sound like nonsense marketing speak. But LG is actually delivering on the OLED promise — the true successor to plasma in the eyes of many. These are going to be good (and they'll run webOS 3.0), but we can't yet say how much they'll cost or exactly when you can get one. LG is also refreshing its lineup of 4K SUHD TVs with the same new software features and some picture upgrades, but the OLEDs are the ones you want. We'll be taking a much closer look once the CES show floor opens up, so be sure to come back for firsthand impressions.

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