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Misfit’s new Ray tracker is a legitimately good-looking wearable

Misfit’s new Ray tracker is a legitimately good-looking wearable


They don't work if you don't want to wear them

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Wearable maker Misfit has always managed to bring an element of jewelry-like design to its activity trackers, and its newest wearable is no different.

The new Misfit Ray, announced today at CES, could easily be mistaken for a bracelet instead of an activity tracker. The actual tracker is a sleek, tubular aluminum pod that attaches to a flat rubber or leather band. The aluminum noodle has a tiny LED light, for notifications, and the only Misfit logo showing is on the underside of the tracker. It’s pretty. It’s also the first Misfit to not have a coin-like design, which Misfit says is to accommodate watch wearers who didn’t want to wear two round-faced devices next to one another on the same wrist.

The Ray’s internals are similar to Misfit’s earlier line of Shine trackers: using a combination of sensors, it tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. Battery life expectancy is around six months, another Misfit trademark.

Misfit Ray

Tapping on the Ray’s touch-sensitive tracker will trigger the LED light; the number of times the light flashes corresponds with how far along your are in reaching your activity goal. All activity data is shared to Misfit’s primary app for iPhone and Android. The Ray also works with the Misfit Link app, which is the company’s workaround for controlling smart home products and other functionalities.

The Ray is the first wearable Misfit has shown off since it was acquired by Fossil last month, though Misfit co-founder Sonny Vu says the Ray was in the works long before the merger. Vu and other Misfit execs are already working closely with Fossil to bring more of the Fossil Group’s many brands into the connected tech sphere, with more than 100 connected devices planned for this year.

The Misfit Ray ships this spring and costs $99 for a model with a rubber sport band. A Ray with a leather band will cost $120.

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