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Samsung's leaked Windows tablet looks a lot like Microsoft's Surface

Samsung's leaked Windows tablet looks a lot like Microsoft's Surface

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Everyone is copying Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Whether it’s Lenovo, HP, Google, Apple, or Dell, it feels like the entire PC industry is heavily inspired by Microsoft’s combination of tablet, removable keyboard, and stylus. One company we haven’t seen a Surface clone from is Samsung, which is surprising given its many Apple-inspired products over the years. It looks like that’s about to change.

Evan Blass (evleaks) has revealed what appears to be a new Windows-based Samsung tablet, complete with a removable keyboard that attaches to the bottom. Blass hasn’t provided any specifications, but it looks like Samsung’s rumored Galaxy TabPro S will have a thin profile, rear camera, and a full keyboard and trackpad accessory.

The rumored name of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is an odd choice, if genuine, especially given that Samsung traditionally uses the Galaxy name for its Android line. The naming is important as Samsung has not paid a lot of attention to its Windows tablets and phones over the past few years with separate lines and brands. If Samsung has picked the Galaxy brand for Windows, it suggests it might be taking Microsoft’s efforts a little more seriously with Windows 10. It’s also nearly a year after Microsoft and Samsung ended their bitter Android royalties dispute.

It’s not clear if this rumored Samsung tablet is part of the company’s CES announcements. Samsung’s CES keynote begins at 5PM ET (2PM PT) on January 5th, so we might hear more soon about this mysterious Windows-powered tablet.