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D-Link's Smart Alarm Detector will text you when your house is on fire

Smart alerts for your smart home

D-Link has announced a new device that sends alerts to your smartphone whenever your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off at home. The DCH-S165 mydlink Smart Alarm Detector, announced this week, doesn't actually detect smoke or carbon monoxide itself, but instead listens for any alarm sounds. If it picks up on any, it will send an alert to your smartphone or other mobile device.

The device plugs into AC outlets, has a listening range of up to 50 feet, and integrates with D-Link's other smart home products, though it notably doesn't require you to add any extra sensors to existing smoke or CO detectors. According to Gizmodo, the Smart Alarm Detector will go on sale sometime during the second quarter of 2016, for $60.

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