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BMW's concept motorcycle helmet has a heads-up display

BMW's concept motorcycle helmet has a heads-up display

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BMW's motorcycle division is showing off a next-generation helmet with a built-in heads-up display at CES this week — and it'll be a real product "within the next few years," the company says. The helmet is designed to show a variety of different information — heads-up basics like speed and fuel, for instance, plus more advanced features like road sign recognition and V2V integration to warn of upcoming dangers on the road.

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The helmet's functions are actuated with controls on the left handlebar (which is good, because mucking with controls on the helmet itself while riding could get a little messy). It also has a forward-facing action cam that can record your ride, GoPro-style, and a rear-facing camera that can be used as a virtual rear-view mirror in the heads-up display. The system is powered by removable batteries that are good for a claimed five hours of life.

BMW's concept isn't totally novel, though: startup Skully makes an augmented reality helmet that you can buy right now for $1,499 with an estimated delivery this summer. But the integration with the motorcycle through the factory handlebar controls is notable here — as long as you can wait a few years for BMW to actually put it into production.

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