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LaCie's $1,100 external SSD is a chrome sculpture for your desk

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External drives don't get much fancier than this. Behold the LaCie Chrome, a $1,100 external SSD designed by Neil Poulton, who has collaborated with the company for a number of years now. LaCie describes it as a "trophy for tech connoisseurs." To me, it's a trophy that says you spent way too much money on an external drive. But at least you get blazing SSD read and write speeds for that investment; LaCie says the Chrome, which pairs two 500GB SSDs together in a RAID 0 configuration, tops out at 940MB/s.

"This performance lets users ingest two hours of 4K GoPro footage in a little over one minute, makes architectural and 3D modeling tasks smoother and faster, and enables the editing of hi-res video without first needing to convert footage to a lower resolution," the company said in its press release. And you get a lot of storage — 1TB, to be specific. Even a plain old SSD at that size isn't exactly cheap. (Samsung sells one for a little under $400.) Still, the LaCie Chrome goes well beyond that. If you're buying this, it's for the design and statement it makes in your office or wherever else you might put it. A "startling, visionary" design, according to LaCie. It's a safe bet you won't see much else resembling this at CES this year. Just don't forget the USB-C cable.

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