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Netflix will debut a Guillermo del Toro animated series later this year

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Netflix continues to push its offerings toward original content and potentially mediocre children's television. The streaming service just announced it will expand its partnership with DreamWorks Animation this year, which will bring children's television shows like Dinotrux and The Adventures of Puss in Boots to Netflix globally. The deal also includes a reimagining of Voltron (something the studio has had in the works for a while) and a new animated series from director Guillermo del Toro.

Del Toro will helm Trollhunters, a series about "two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown," according to Netflix. It seems likely the startling discovery will be trolls, and maybe, the need to hunt them. Del Toro's book by the same name might be a good place to start looking for clues.

Netflix says the series will debut sometime in 2016, but no exact dates have been given yet.