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You can now buy a hardcover book filled with Reddit's best AMAs


Reddit's Ask Me Anything subreddit is a place where users can ask all sorts of people — from Barack Obama and Aphex Twin to drunk college kids — questions about their lives. They can be touching, or funny, or inane, (often all three) and now Reddit has compiled what it believes to be its best AMA's into one shiny coffee table book.

Ask Me Anything is 400 pages of AMAs from celebrities like Bill Gates, Chris Rock, Louis C.K., and Martha Stewart, to low-key heroes like the Waffle House Grill Masters. The physical book, illustrated by u/youngluckcosts $34.99, but you can also buy an ebook version for just $4.99.

Only 10,000 copies of Ask Me Anything will be printed, with "some of the proceeds" going to charities chosen by AMA mods.