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Intel's CES 2016 keynote: start time, live blog, and streaming

We're on the ground at CES in Las Vegas to bring you inside the biggest events. Tonight we'll be attending Intel's CES 2016 keynote to see what one of the world's largest chipmakers has in store for the future. Between autonomous drones, intelligent doorways, and wild wearables, last year's Intel show was one of the best, and we're excited to see what it'll bring out this year.

How to watch

Starting time: San Francisco: 6:30PM / New York: 9:30PM / London: 2:30AM / Berlin 3:30AM / Moscow: 5:30AM / Beijing: 10:30AM  / Tokyo: 11:30AM  / Sydney 1:30PM

Live blog: Tune into The Verge's live blog for up-to-the-second updates, commentary, and pictures directly from the venue.

Live streaming: Intel's live stream is available through

Live tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter for the latest headlines as they emerge.

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