Nikon announces the D5, its new flagship pro camera


After confirming in November that the D5 would follow the D4, Nikon is finally unveiling its new flagship pro camera in full today at CES 2016. The D5 is a minor cosmetic upgrade to its predecessor, but the internals are all new: an autofocus system with 153 points, a 20-megapixel full-frame sensor, 4K video, a touchscreen, and more.

Nikon's single-digit D series is legendary among professional photographers for its fast performance and high quality in low light. CES might not be the place to put that to the test, but Nikon will have a lot of customers more than happy to pre-order this camera pretty much on name alone. The event is still going on; follow our liveblog and stay tuned for more.

nikon d5

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