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Huawei unveils two new opulent smartwatches dubbed 'Elegant' and 'Jewel'

Huawei Jewel (L) and Elegant (R)

If you've been thinking lately your smartwatch just doesn't contain enough jewels, you're in luck. Huawei is offering two new glamorous Android Wear smartwatch options. Given the pop-star-like names of "Elegant" and "Jewel," the designs are bedazzled with gold cases, thin wristbands, and sleek, curvy designs showcased underneath a round, Sapphire crystal watch face. The Elegant sports a rose-gold plated body, while Jewel lives up to its namesake, with 68 Swarovski crystals embedded in its gold casing.

The models offer a softer, more feminine aesthetic

The models offer a softer, more feminine aesthetic, standing in stark contrast to Huawei's first smartwatch, which looked like it was tailor-made for Gordon Gekko. The Elegant and Jewel smartwatches are a tad bigger than the original watch, though. The watch faces are 44mm in diameter — 2mm longer than the 42mm casing of the predecessor. The software is still works more ore less the same.

Huawei says the watches will be available in the United States sometime in early 2016. Engadget reports that the Elegant will go for $499 and Jewel will sell for $599, meaning you'll need to spring extra for the added bling.

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