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LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new album 'sometime this year'

LCD Soundsystem is releasing a new album 'sometime this year'


Forget the festival circuit — the band's all the way back

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Simone Joyner/Getty Images

You wanted a reunion? You've got one. After releasing a Christmas single and confirming his band's appearance on the 2016 festival circuit (including Coachella), LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has confirmed the band is recording a new full-length album for release this year in a lengthy post on the band's website. "In other, more pedantic news: we're not just playing Coachella," writes Murphy. "We're not just having some reunion tour. We're releasing a record (sometime this year — still working on it, actually), so this isn't a victory lap or anything." The band's third and most recent album is 2010's This Is Happening, and that LP carried the band into its grand, emotional 2011 farewell show at Madison Square Garden. Of course, that farewell show looks a little more like a "goodbye for now" at this point, but hey: new LCD Soundsystem!

Murphy also wrote about the betrayal and surprise some fans expressed when rumors regarding LCD Soundsystem's reunion first started to circulate on social media. "There are people who... have put a lot of themselves into their care of us, who feel betrayed by us coming back and playing," writes Murphy. "If you cared a lot about our band, and... you feel betrayed now, then I completely understand that. It's your right to define what you love about a band, and it's your right to decry their actions and words as you see fit." I'm sure a promised collection of new music is going to serve as a more-than-adequate apology gift for many fans.