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Fall Out Boy conjures up the ghost of NSYNC for a nightmare of a music video

Fall Out Boy conjures up the ghost of NSYNC for a nightmare of a music video


Drag me to the early aughts

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Few things are more important to a stable society than maintaining the balance of the boy band ecosystem. Tampering with this ecosystem is like moving into a house that a spirit has unfinished business with: you will have nightmares, your loved ones will be vacuumed into an alternate demonic plane, and everyone will say "I told you so" when you run screaming from the wreckage of what used to be your ordinary life.

Fall Out Boy, a pop punk experiment whom you may recall from early versions of DDR, have released a new music video for their single "Irresistible." It's about "the toys that no one ever wanted to come to life," and exhumes the memory of NSYNC. Specifically this moment:


Good idea, you guys. What could possibly go wrong?

The video opens on Demi Lovato working in a toy factory, looking cool as ever, but also looking pretty disgusted by the NSYNC action figures she's required to box up. Either she's not a fan, or she knows where this is headed.

Where is it headed?

chris kirkpatrick

Chris Kirkpatrick kisses an action figure version of himself, then we're off to a toy store, where Joey Fatone is dressed as the decaying corpse of Orville Redenbacher. He's unpacking a box of Fall Out Boy action figures, which he doesn't like the smell of. What do they smell like? My guess is witchcraft.

joey fatone

Andy Hurley is not wearing a shirt. I had assumed this video was being shot in a modern facility with treated air, but you know what they say about making assumptions: when you assume, you call forth a jacked Crispin Glover with a Kraken tattooed on his chest. This one's on me, you guys.

Andy Hurley

As you might have expected, the Fall Out Boy action figures come to life. They're very curious about the world — how has it changed since 2009? Is this how faces and eyes work? Is this how I keep children calm and don't reveal that I'm a demon mannequin?

fallout boy

They punch through the plastic wrap on their boxes, just like the White Walker version of Justin Timberlake did many moons ago. It's so fun, and definitely not going to cause me any sleep paralysis this evening.

fall out

One of the Fall Out Boy action figures find a Barbie who does not have the power of joint movement or speech. He's pretty sure there's a spark between them. Try not to cry — he feeds on fear.


Demi "Cool for the Summer, Cool for Life" Lovato has a verse. Damn, she is cool. Unfortunately her seemingly willing participation in this seance makes me loathe to trust her.

demi lovato

Then this happens.

joey fatone

I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.