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Apple's smartwatch has Mickey, so Samsung got Snoopy for the Gear S2

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Apple loves to show off the throwback Mickey Mouse watch face that it made for the Apple Watch, so naturally, Samsung had to find a way to counter it with another classic character. It's announcing this afternoon that a number of new watch faces featuring Peanuts characters will be coming to the Gear S2. It didn't list all of the characters that'll be included, but a slide that went up previewed a watch face with Snoopy and Woodstock. It might not be animated like Apple's Mickey face, but the Snoopy face looks close enough to a panel from the comics that it should make for a fun — and very advertising-friendly — option on the Gear S2.

In addition to the new watch faces, Samsung also announcing a number of other new style options for the Gear S2. That includes new straps and two new models you can buy it in, with 18k gold and platinum platings on top of the watch's existing stainless steel body.

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