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HBO's Girls will end after its sixth season

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Lena Dunham has suggested in the past that Girls might call it quits after its sixth season, and now E! Online is reporting that HBO has agreed to the end date. That means Girls should wrap up sometime in 2017; the show's fifth season begins next month. Dunham has said that she thinks American TV shows tend to go on "past their due dates," so ending Girls after six 10 (or so) episode seasons would give her a chance to leave the series on a high note.

Still, it's awful news for those addicted to the dysfunctional exploits of Hannah, Marnie, Shosh, and Jessa. Dunham has maintained some wonderful storylines for each of the show's core characters over its past four seasons, and questions like what'll become of Hannah and Adam and whether Marnie will realize that, seriously, she should not be marrying that musician arguably have viewers on edge way more than anything in the final season of Breaking Bad. Or maybe that's just me.