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Dell just announced a wireless monitor that wirelessly charges your phone

Dell just announced a pair of wireless monitors here at CES, the company's first ever. But one of the models comes with a feature that might make it doubly worth the money: wireless phone charging. It's the same idea that we saw Samsung introduce last year, and it's one that we hope catches on.

The Dell 23 Wireless Monitor is a 23-inch full HD display that lets you cast your screen from both Windows and Android devices (via Miracast and Bluetooth). But the base of the display has a built-in charging pad that supports both wireless charging standards (Qi and PMA).

It's a super convenient touch, even if glossy, glass phones might have a hard time staying put on the slightly curved base. Dell's new display also has dual three-watt speakers, a wide, 178-degree viewing angle, and the standard HDMI and USB 2.0 ports.

The bigger brother to the Dell 23 Wireless Monitor is a 23.8-inch display called — you guessed it — the Dell 24 Wireless Monitor. It doesn't have wireless charging in the base, but it gets some small upgrades: four USB 3.0 ports, better color reproduction, and a smaller bezel.

Dell will start selling both monitors on March 31st. The 24-inch monitor will cost $469, and the 23-inch version will run $429.

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