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Segway and Intel announce a hoverboard butler

Sure, you like that new hoverboard you got for Christmas, but let me ask you: can it answer your front door? No? I'm sorry, then.

Tonight at its CES keynote, Intel has unveiled a "personal transporter" (aka hoverboard) that can also transform into a robot. Created in partnership with Xiaomi portfolio company NineBot and Segway, the robo-rideable butler can stream video, make cute expressions with its front display, and whatever else you want, really, since it'll be open platform starting second half of the year. (Hoverboard Butler uses Intel RealSense technology, which we are hearing a lot about tonight.)

Halfway through the demo, Intel gave it arms, to which the Hoverbutler replied, "Are those my arms? Awesome!" I'm smitten.

Segway reportedly plans to make Hoverbutlerbot commercially available. A developer kit is due in the second half of this year.

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Photos by Dieter Bohn


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