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Huawei's new smartwatches are more of the same, but still gorgeous

Huawei's new smartwatches are more of the same, but still gorgeous

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Huawei announced a new pair of Android Wear smartwatches at CES today in the Jewel and the Elegant, two watches aimed squarely at women. And like most Android Wear watches, you should know exactly what to expect when you wear one. Nothing about the two watches breaks much ground or really improves on what came before... but they sure look beautiful.

Design is what sets these watches apart

The main thing setting the two watches apart from their older cousin is their respective designs. The units I saw were still certainly opulent, sporting statement-making rose gold and white leather. But compared to the original Huawei Watch, you would be forgiven for calling them understated with their softer curves. And that's even as the two new watches are slightly bigger at 44mm where the original was 42mm. (There's nothing understated by Swarovski crystals, though. Let's not get it twisted.) Beyond sheer looks, though, everything is basically the same as before. You have the same 1.4-inch, 400 x 400 display and a full complement of sensors for tracking activity and the weather. All this amounts to a watch only a certain kind of person would ever want, which is just fine.

The Jewel and Elegant will retail for $599 and $499, respectively, when they launch later this year. That's expensive, but hey. If you want to make a statement, you're gonna have to pay for it.

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