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MSI's new Tobii gaming laptop lets you play games with your eyes

The first PC to integrate Tobii's eye-tracking technology

The latest gaming laptop from MSI turns your eyes into a controller. Today at CES in Las Vegas, the company announced a slate of new gaming-focused devices — ranging from thin and light notebooks to powerful all-in-one desktops — but the most interesting is the GT72S Tobii, which is the first PC to integrate Tobii's eye-tracking technology (previously you needed to purchase an eye-tracking controller separately, which start at $129).

MSI hasn't revealed any specs for the machine, but the new laptop will include both eye-tracking and facial recognition support. Last year Assassin's Creed Rogue became the first blockbuster game to utilize the tech, letting you control the in-game camera by looking around. Since then a number of other games have added support, including the zombie survival game DayZ and spaceship sim Elite: Dangerous. Ubisoft's upcoming open-world shooter The Division will also support the eye-tracking technology in some form. Outside of games, the tech also lets you use Windows Hello to log into your computer using your face.

No price was announced, but MSI says the GT72S Tobii will be available later this month.

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