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Razer’s Stargazer webcam is perfect for game streamers and Windows 10

Standalone webcams aren’t exactly exciting anymore, but Razer’s is a little unique. While Intel sells a developer kit for its RealSense 3D camera, Razer is bringing the technology to the masses with its Stargazer webcam.

It has three main tricks, and they’re perfect for streamers, gamers, and Windows 10 users. If you’re a regular user of Twitch then you’ll see a lot of streamers using green screens to remove their background surroundings. It’s a popular trick, but the Razer Stargazer will do it automatically thanks to the camera and software. I tested it out at CES this week and it works well and adapts to anyone who steps into the view of the camera. It also records at 60fps, something that will definitely appeal to streamers.

Razer's webcam uses Intel realsense

The second primary feature is a little more gimmicky. Razer is using the RealSense camera to enable gestures for games. We’ve seen this before with Kinect, but Razer’s approach seems to be designed to simply launch games with gestures or play titles that track facial expressions. It’s early software right now, but I was able to launch Dota by just waving my hand in front of the webcam. That’s pretty basic, but you could imagine a future where you make a gesture to swap your load out in a game quickly or something that might save a little time.

As Razer’s Stargazer is powered by Intel’s RealSense camera, it will also support the new Windows Hello feature of Windows 10. That means you can use this camera to log into Windows 10 with just your face. That’s useful if you don’t want to type in your password all the time, but the streaming and gesture features will appeal to most. Razer is planning to launch the Stargazer in Q2 priced at $199.99. That’s a lot for a webcam, but if you’re into game streaming then it might save you a little on the complexity and cost of green screens.

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Razer Stargazer hands-on photos