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Kangaroo is a miniature $99 Windows 10 PC that slides into your pocket

Kangaroo is a miniature $99 Windows 10 PC that slides into your pocket

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InFocus announced its Kangaroo portable PC back in October, and now we’re getting a first look at how it works here at CES this week. It looks like a portable SSD, but inside there’s an Intel Atom chip, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. That’s all enough to run Windows 10, and that’s exactly what the Kangaroo does.

You’re not going to be processing video or multitasking a bunch of apps on the Kangaroo, but it appears to handle the basics just fine. During my brief testing, the only concern I’d have here is graphics performance. Playing videos worked fine, but anything graphically intense is going to struggle on an Atom chip. Apart from that it’s really a functional PC that you could squeeze into a big jacket pocket.

InFocus Kangaroo Windows 10 PC hands-on photos


It’s all powered by a 4-hour battery inside, which makes the Kangaroo more unique than a lot of the PC sticks we’ve seen in the past. The biggest surprise of the Kangaroo, though, is that it’s only $99. For that you get the Kangaroo itself and a dock that provides HDMI output and two USB ports. You can even use the dock to connect the Kangaroo to an iPad, using a custom iOS app that displays Windows 10 on the iPad screen.

Overall, it feels like a cheaper solution to Microsoft’s Continuum feature for its Windows 10 phones. While Continuum requires you to use a Windows 10 phone, this tiny PC will just connect up to any monitor, keyboard, and mouse. There are many stick PCs that do the same, but this feels like less of a compromise. I wouldn’t recommend this or other stick PCs to most people over just a basic laptop, but if you really need a small and portable Windows machine for occasional use then this might be worth considering.

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