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Hasbro is adding Rey to Star Wars Monopoly after criticism from fans

Hasbro is adding Rey to Star Wars Monopoly after criticism from fans

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Rey is coming to Monopoly: Star Wars, toymaker Hasbro confirmed, after the company received sustained criticism for excluding her from its latest edition of the board game. Hasbro originally pointed to spoilers as its reasoning for not including Rey — the main character of The Force Awakens — as a figurine its recently released Monopoly: Star Wars, but appeared to backtrack on this justification soon after. In a statement tweeted to a number of Twitter users, Hasbro said it loved the "passion for Rey," and would be including her in the box later this year.

Hasbro said it ignored for her spoiler reasons

The company hasn't confirmed when she'll actually make it into the box, or whether she'll take the place of another one of the four (male) figures already included, but the move has been welcomed by fans. It's not the first time Daisy Ridley's character has been ignored by toy manufacturers. A six-pack of action figures available at Target eschewed Rey in favor of a generic Resistance pilot, while a Millennium Falcon play set included only Chewbacca and John Boyega's Finn, despite the fact it's preternaturally gifted pilot Rey who's handed the keys to the iconic ship. A hashtag — #WheresRey — was quickly picked up on Twitter, echoing the #WheresGamora tag used after Guardians of the Galaxy play sets conspicuously avoided including the green-skinned alien.

In that case, toy companies could at least argue that Gamora was one of four equals, but Hasbro and others have no excuse when it comes to Rey. She's the movie's main character, the subject of its title, and the central figure for the third trilogy in the biggest film series of all time. If Daisy Ridley can take the main role in a movie about to set a new box office record, then surely she's important enough to put in a Monopoly box.