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Dell's first OLED display is 4K and uses USB Type-C

Dell's first OLED display is 4K and uses USB Type-C

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CES has been a big place to announce 4K and OLED TVs and displays the last few years, and this year Dell is finally joining the party. The new Dell UltraSharp 30 has a contrast ratio of 400,000:1, supports 4K UHD, and has a response time of 0.1 milliseconds.

But beyond being Dell's first 4K OLED display, this 30-inch monitor also supports USB Type-C for video, data, and single-cable power (up to 100 watts). Many of Dell's newest business class products being launched at this year's show actually run on USB Type-C, so the company is stressing that this new display makes the perfect desk companion, since it can act as a second screen as well as power (and charge) those devices.

If your devices aren't USB Type-C compatible but find yourself blessed with the $4,999 needed to purchase the UltraSharp 30 when it's released this March, Dell is also selling some multiport converters this year to help its business class customers make the switch.

Do you need a 4K OLED display on your desk or in your living room? Probably not just yet. But do you want one? Well, that's the question CES is here to answer.

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