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Mozilla and Panasonic’s new smart TVs show Firefox OS isn’t dead yet

Mozilla and Panasonic’s new smart TVs show Firefox OS isn’t dead yet

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Firefox OS may be no more on smartphones, but it lives on in smart TVs. Mozilla has announced that its open-source operating system will power a pair of new Panasonic UHD TVs, unveiled at CES this week. The 58-inch and 65-inch DX900s will use Firefox OS's standard "quick access" start screen for TVs, letting users pin favorite apps, channels, and devices to their home screen, and Mozilla says an update to the software — Firefox OS 2.5, to be delivered later this year — will offer new features like letting users save web apps directly to their TV.

Mozilla says it wants to deliver Firefox OS "across connected devices"

These aren't the first Firefox OS-powered TVs available (Panasonic unveiled earlier models back in May last year), but their announcement is further evidence that Mozilla isn't done with its beleaguered OS yet. There have been leaked reports suggesting the company wants to bring Firefox OS to miniature PCs and HDMI sticks, and in this latest press release, Mozilla makes vague promises about delivering the operating system "across connected devices." What exactly this means in terms of actual products is difficult to say, but it seems we'll be seeing more of Firefox OS in the future.

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