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Thomas the Tank Engine brings blood, chaos, and terror to Fallout 4

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'Toot, toot.'

Despite what developers and the crooked mainstream media tells you, there's actually only one thing true gamers want from their video games: Thomas the Tank Engine mods. There's not a game out there that couldn't be improved by the inclusion of everyone's favorite dead-eyed anthropomorphic train and/or capitalist allegory. Fallout 4 is the latest title to get the Thomas makeover courtesy of modder trainwiz (the creator behind the epoch-defining Thomas the Tank Engine Skyrim mod).

For Fallout, trainwiz has replaced a number of items with Thomas's image, including all the deathclaws and vertibirds, missiles and mini nukes, and "one of the flight helmets, I don't know which, it's a surprise." Oh, and plenty of the game's sound effects have been replaced with Thomas's blood-curdling battlecry: toot, toot. As the video above shows, there's really no good time not to have Thomas "the Terror" the Tank Engine bust into the scene, but here's hoping we'll see a matchup one day with Fallout 4's other Big Bad: Macho Man Randy Savage.