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Up close with Segway's Advanced Personal Robot

One chill bot

Last night at its keynote, we watched some dudes ride out on Segways, only to discover that hiding inside those Segways was a full-on robot butler. Intel was showing it off to demo its Real Sense technology, which can map and detect an environment in real time and let computers react to it. The butler toddled around on its two wheels, going to answer the door, and generally looked quite twee.

At Intel's booth at CES 2016, the "Segway Advanced Personal Robot" only did the last thing. It's sitting on a pedestal and not moving at all — except for the occasional, seemingly random movement of its head. Segway says that the robot is modular, you can attach all sorts of things to it. The module attached to it now is two little Lego-man looking arms, though as you'll see in the gallery below it seems like it took a little gaffer tape to keep them secure on this prototype. You can see its blinky little eyes on the screen and the Real Sense cameras above those, but otherwise this is one very static robot.

Segway has said it will make a developer kit available in the second half of 2016.

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