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White House says North Korea conducted a nuclear test, but it wasn't an H-bomb

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Though North Korea claims it tested its first-ever hydrogen bomb last night, the White House disputes the claim. A nuclear test did occur, as confirmed by seismic data. However, preliminary evidence collected by US allies in the region seems to indicate the test wasn’t an H-bomb. White House press secretary Josh Earnest discussed these findings in a press conference today but didn't provide details on the evidence and its collection.

South Korea experienced a 5.1 magnitude "artificial" earthquake around 9PM ET on Tuesday. Other countries’ earthquake agencies also noted seismic signatures that point to a nuclear test. North Korea’s official news agency issued a statement shortly afterward saying its H-bomb test caused the seismic rumbles.

This most recent incident doesn’t sit well with the international community, Earnest said. The US, along with China, Japan, and South Korea, is working to determine an appropriate response to the recent action, although he didn’t elaborate on possible options. Ultimately, Earnest said, North Korea needs to stop its "provocative" acts or face international repercussions.