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Sony Electronics president Mike Fasulo at CES: 'we're not after marketshare'

Yesterday Sony held its annual keynote at CES, where it announced slightly fewer products than usual. There's a 4K camcorder, new 4K TVs, a new short throw projector, and even an new turntable for the suddenly-growing demographic of millennials who love vinyl. Today, Nilay Patel sat down with Sony Electronics' COO and president, Mike Fasulo, to talk about Sony's new products and where Sony is heading in 2016.

Sony's new direction is simple: chase the high end. "We're not after marketshare," Fasulo says, "we're after delivering to the customer the best experience through audio and visual quality, and by doing so we're making money." That last note is actually super important: Sony spent time during its keynote referencing some of the financial difficulties the company has had recently — and these new premium products are a key strategy for changing that. Not all of them are going to sell in huge numbers, Fasulo said, but each of them will be about "moving back to our core capability," which for Sony is just making the best products it can.

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