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Nextbit’s Scott Croyle on why the Robin is a new kind of Android smartphone

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What makes the Robin different? Well, it certainly looks different from the rest of the Android field, with its fresh minty color scheme and regular geometric lines. Designed by Scott Croyle, the former head of HTC's design team, the Robin represents an effort to do things a little differently. It tries to hide its technological capabilities rather than impress people with them. This is a phone that promises to be smart enough to back up disused apps and unloved photos to a cloud storage locker without driving its user insane by making undesired judgments. That's a lot of smarts, but it's all dressed up in a friendly, humane design that invites you to touch and hold it.

Check out our interview with Croyle discussing the thinking that went into the Kickstarter-backed Robin's design. The Nextbit Robin starts shipping to early backers on February 16th and further preorders will be taken until January 15th, when the company will halt new orders while it works to fulfil the ones it already has.

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