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This gadget simulates oral sex with suction

This gadget simulates oral sex with suction


Fiera wants to jumpstart women's libido

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Fiera Arouser for Her, on display at CES 2016, is one of the latest in a new trend of sex toys for women called suction oral sex stimulators. It's aimed at stimulating blood flow to the genitals, to help women suffering from low libido get in the mood before having sex. And it has some research showing that it does just that.

Fiera is small and compact, able to fit in the palm of your hand. It contains three massagers that sit behind a silicon suction cup, which is meant to be placed over the clitoris. You can then control the intensity of the massagers, as well as the patterns in which they move to help draw blood to the region thereby increasing arousal and lubrication. It’s supposed to make sex much more pleasurable following use of the device. A spokesperson for the manufacturer said women should use the device between three to 15 minutes to get the full effects.

The cool thing about Fiera is that it actually has some third-party research to back it up. An independent proof-of-concept study done by San Diego Sexual Medicine tested the product on 12 post-menopausal women, all of whom experienced increased arousal. It's a small sample size, and that study isn't published in a peer-reviewed journal just yet; the researchers are working on getting it in the Journal of Sexual Health. Still, it's more science than we usually see backing a wearable CES product.

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