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Here's how Gorilla Glass could come to your car, walls, and fridge

Enter Corning's Vault of Glass

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About five years ago, Corning — the company behind the ubiquitous strengthened Gorilla Glass found in countless smartphones — made a concept video called “A Day Made of Glass” designed to show off how glass could be applied in futuristic ways to pretty much every aspect of life. This year at CES, Corning’s booth is dedicated to claiming how that vision is now feasible.

Or at least, it’ll be feasible as far as Corning is concerned — many of these demos show impressive use of glass married to janky software that really ought to have been built by an actual software company. That’s actually part of why Corning is at CES; it hopes to meet partners that can help bring ideas like this to life.

For now, a little suspension of disbelief is required to imagine how this could all work in practice. But the Gorilla Glass in our pockets is the most important flat surface we interact with every day — and Corning is betting that this will soon apply to far more objects around us.

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Corning's 'Welcome to the Glass Age' photos


This car interior uses Gorilla Glass from the windshield to the console. Using Corning's glass in the windshield makes for a lighter construction, which is why Ford is using it for the next GT. Gorilla Glass can also be gently curved to improve ergonomics, as seen here in the central control panel.