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Listen to Sia's new song 'Reaper,' written and produced by Kanye West

Sia and Kanye West have teamed up for the second time on "Reaper," the most recent single off Sia's upcoming album, This is Acting. You won't hear Kanye's voice on the track, which was originally intended for Rihanna's upcoming album; he just wrote and produced it.

"I don't care about the song."

"Reaper" isn't the only song on This is Acting that was written for another artist; in fact, every song on the album was written for somebody else, hence the album's title. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sia admitted "Reaper" wasn't one of her favorites: "I don't care about the song," she said. "I know in print that will look bad, but what I mean is I'm not emotionally attached to it. I thought it was a fun song. I think it's a good, fun song, but I didn't anticipate it being on the record."

Last year, Sia and Kanye performed "Wolves" with Chicago rapper Vic Mensa at SNL 40 and during Kanye's fashion show for his collaboration with Adidas. That track, which will appear on Kanye's Swish, hasn't been officially released yet. This is Acting comes out on January 29th.