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The Wizard of Oz recut in alphabetical order is psychedelic

The Wizard of Oz recut in alphabetical order is psychedelic

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That's the message of the fresh recut of The Wizard of Oz, which reorganized every word from the film into alphabetical order. Yes, every word — the cut is an hour and 40 minutes long. First, all uses of the word "a" spit across the screen in chronological order, then every scream of "aaa," followed by each holler of "aaiee." Psychedelic enough on its own, you can leave your copy of The Dark Side of the Moon in its record sleeve.

Coder Matt Bucy created the film, appropriately titled "Of Oz the Wizard," in 2004, making good on a challenge from a friend a few years prior. If you're curious about Bucy's process, you should read Todd VanDerWerff's interview with Bucy at The production wasn't as simple or time-consuming as manually retrieving and compiling each word.

VanDerWerff notes the musicality of the recut, which reminds me of the handful of The Wizard of Oz remixes that bounced around YouTube a few years ago. I've embedded them below. All of the recuts and remixes give an appreciation for the richness of the original film, in which each tiny moment seems to contain a tune.

If you only have a minute, be sure to skip to the 1:35:00 mark, and watch every mention of the word "wizard," which works on its own as a quick recap of the plot.