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This is Hyundai's Prius killer, the Ioniq

This is Hyundai's Prius killer, the Ioniq

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Toyota's Prius still sells in droves, yet very few companies have tried making a direct, like-for-like competitor — a form-after-function hybrid sedan that prioritizes efficiency above all else. Hyundai is about to jump into the mix with the Ioniq, though, which will be launching at the Geneva show in March. Ahead of the event, the company just dumped a bunch of details — including our clearest pictures yet of the exterior and interior.

hyundai ioniq

Honestly, it's a pretty handsome car. While Toyota has always leaned into the Prius' quirkiness (not necessarily a bad thing), Hyundai is clearly going for the mass market here — and it shows in the Ioniq's powertrain options, since there will be three different types to choose from: electric, plug-in hybrid, and traditional hybrid. The hybrids will make the Ioniq a range-anxiety-free car that anyone can own, but the electric (which Hyundai isn't really talking about yet) could be the most interesting of the three. Will it be long-range? And if so, how much will it cost?

It'll be at least a few weeks before we start getting those facts and figures — but for now, Prius, you're on notice.

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