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Weird fridges are back

Weird fridges are back


Samsung and LG fight for the future of the kitchen

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Smart fridges with touchscreens and Wi-Fi are a CES staple, but last year marked a disappointing lull in the connected madness; the usually reliable Samsung decided to concentrate on professional appliances, bringing actual chefs on stage to talk about how their products help them cook great food properly. It was pretty boring.

Thankfully, Samsung came back in style this year with the completely outrageous Family Hub Refrigerator, a Tizen-powered fridge with a gigantic 21.5-inch touchscreen. LG was a little more subdued but still had its share of kitchen futurism, with fridges that send notifications to your phone and let you see inside without opening the door.

It is not because fridges don't need Wi-Fi that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that our fridges do not have Wi-Fi.

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