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Who is the Razer Nabu Watch for?

Who is the Razer Nabu Watch for?

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Noted gaming peripheral maker Razer has a new watch. It's not a smartwatch, says the company, it's a digital watch with smart features. The way I'd describe the Razer Nabu Watch is as a Casio G-Shock with the ability to sync notifications and track fitness metrics. Which, sure, makes it more or less a smartwatch by our current lowly standards. Unlike the most common smartwatches, however, the Nabu Watch measures its battery life in months, not mere days. You'd still need to top its secondary screen up every seven days or so, but the watch part is unlikely to ever leave you stranded when away from a charger. And yet, this thing is still enormous and likely to appeal to only a limited group of people out there. Then again, Razer has never contended that it makes devices and gadgets for everyone. The company's tagline is "for gamers, by gamers," after all.

Watch our video interview above to learn more about the Nabu Watch as well as Razer's new Stargazer webcam, which is among the first to integrate Intel's RealSense depth-sensing technology. The Nabu Watch is going on sale this month for $149.99 (or $199.99 for the Forged edition, which swaps in stainless steel buttons), while the Stargazer will be available in the second quarter of 2016 for $199.99.

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