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I wore a 360-degree action camera helmet at CES

I wore a 360-degree action camera helmet at CES

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Nikon isn't the only company making 360-degree action cameras this year. Florida-based video company IC Real Tech unveiled a new 360x360 camera at CES this week with the Allie Go. It's a camera that's aiming right at the GoPro, which currently owns the action cam market — and I got to wear it.

Upload video to Facebook and YouTube later in the year

The Allie Go is the portable version of IC Real Tech's line 360-degree home monitoring cameras. Roughly the size of a baseball (and therefore bulkier than something like a Hero Session 4), I was told it can still sit comfortably in a variety of helmet mounts for action enthusiasts. Using two 8MP sensors on the front and back, the device can capture hi-res video from all directions and stream them to mobile devices using its accompanying app. That video can also be saved to an internal microSD card, and IC Real Tech promises that users will soon be able to stream video directly to Facebook and YouTube later in the year, ready to be watched on mobile or even Google Cardboard. The video we saw on the floor wasn't the highest quality, thanks to pretty shoddy Wi-Fi, but in optimal settings streams should be similar to feeds from other action cams.

Allie Go

Of course, this space is likely only going to get more crowded. Nikon's new KeyMission 360 is on its way, and even though we don't yet know the pricing or availability for the device, a new action camera from a major company puts pressure on IC Real Tech to stand out. The ALLie Go will retail for $599 when it launches later this year.

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