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Here's the droid Disney's lawyers are looking for at CES

Amelia Krales

Like many tech companies, Haier of America is here at CES showing off its wares. But apart from TVs and home gadgets, they promised to have something extra special this year: an R2D2 rolling refrigerator with an internal projector. What human wouldn't want that? Not only would the fridge beep and boop just like R2, but it would helpfully keep your beers as cold as a spring day on Hoth.

We were excited to see it this week. We already knew how cool it looks, since it was unveiled last year by Haier Asia:

Haier R2D2

Unfortunately, due to licensing hiccups, Haier of America isn't yet allowed to unveil the fridge in the States yet. So all we got was a tarp. We're as disappointed as you are, but being journalists, we thought we'd show you how close we came to seeing an actual droid on the CES floor.

Maybe they should've talked to 50 Cent.

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